As a community, the students, staff and families at Our Lady of Fatima Kingsgrove gathered to celebrate our Easter Mass. Fr Stephen who led our celebration, reminding us that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our Christian faith. We were very grateful for his service and for the opportunity to gather and launch our our renewed Vision & Mission Statement.

Our Lady of Fatima Kingsgrove: A Christ-centred community committed to serving others, loving learning, living faith.

This vision was by no accident, but rather a culmination of the pillars that have laid the foundation of our school creed and fostered a culture of compassion and outreach. These include:

  • living the Gospel, living the faith and living our story
  • a culture of thinking and learning leading to a differentiated curriculum to meet students’ needs
  • the belief that each person is valued, respected, nurtured and supported
  • partnerships focused on improving learning outcomes
  • sharing current knowledge, seeking and embracing new knowledge
  • improving facilities and learning resources to cater for the needs of students and staff

Thank you to all members of our community who took the time to give input throughout the renewal process in 2020.